Influencer Media Kit Designed by Isabella

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Media kit's are a necessity for Content creators, Influencers, Brand pitches, etc. They show off you as a person and yourself as a professional. Media kits break down key pieces that brands want to know when considering you in a partnership or collaboration.

When purchasing this media kit you get:

1.  A full Media kit demonstrating your key analytics on each social media page you have

2.  Custom designs and branding for your aesthetic

3.  An editable file for you to update for future numbers

4. Tips on how to update your analytics once the file is complete


How the process works:

- Once purchased you will receive an email from I will ask you questions and dive into your aesthetic, what you want to show off to brands, and other key features necessary for the creation process. A rough draft will be sent and then you can approve all sections before I send a final draft. You will receive the form in PDF and any editable forms that you request it to be in.

*No refunds on Custom work*