Instagram Branding 101 Package Done By Isabella

Instagram Branding 101 Package Done By Isabella

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The Instagram Branding 101 Package offers all of the things you need to create the Look and Brand for yourself, your business, social media, etc.

This package offers you:

- Custom Color Palette to follow and stick with for any projects, looks, etc 

- Custom Instagram Highlight Photos (5)  

- Custom Instagram Story Templates (5)

- Custom Instagram Feed Planner


How it works:

- You will receive an email from Then I will have a discussion with you about what you're looking for. Your goals with branding and other questions that will help with the creative process.  I will be updating you on this process and asking questions as I go along. Then you will receive everything through email and have all of the files and everything explained to you for use. 


*Additional Charges for more colors, highlights photos, and story templates*

*No Refunds on Custom Work